Thermal Imaging Services

Detail-rich photos for informed & actionable decisions.

Infrared Solar Panel Inspections

Use industry-leading thermal imaging technology and infrared drone cameras to spot & replace damaged panels for instant ROI.

Residential Inspections

Aerial thermal infrared inspection services for residential properties. Spot heat leakage, water damaged areas, and collect valuable data for repairs.

Rooftop Inspections

Inspect rooftop elements including the top membrane, flashings, metal edges and more for heat leakage, moisture damage, or other issues using infrared drone imagery.

Electrical Inspections

Inspect substations and outdoor electrical facilities with thermal imagery. Uncover areas with excess heat and prevent component failures.

Uncover Hidden Damage

Thermal imagery allows you to truly understand the condition of your home. You can spot excessive temperature differentials which can indicate problem areas, uncover hidden moisture damage, and identify heat leakage problems with infrared photos.

Full 360º Degree View

Using drones allows you to get a complete 360º degree thermal view of your home effortlessly. Assess the condition of exterior walls, windows, and rooftops in a time and cost-efficient manner for a detailed report on your home.

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