The season will soon come to an end. Of the Aurora Borealis cameras, Sodankylä and Levi camera will be running trough the summer under "Spring camera" name. The other cameras will go offline and start streaming again in the fall when the season start. At Kilpisjärvi there will be 2 or 3 cameras when the season 2024/2025 begins on autumn. Subscribe on youtube to receive the streaming alerts. Thanks for watching!   Donations are much needed to build more Northern light cameras for next winter. Links to the donation pages:                                                                  Paypal         Buymeacoffee         Mobilepay (Finland only)

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Places to watch aurora at Sodankylä:

Closest dark spot to watch aurora at Sodankylä center. Beach of the gas station:

North dam:

South dam:

Peaceful camping spot with north view near the south dam:

Road to Levi:

Sodankylä cameras are streaming all year round.

During the winter, you can experience the northern lights and watch the starry sky from different angles.

At summer you can experience the melting of the river and summer of the Lapland. The aurora camera will change direction during the summer season for privacy reasons.

Places to watch aurora at Luosto:

Places to watch aurora at Pyhätunturi:

Places to watch aurora at Levi

Best aurora views are seen from august till the end of the may when there is enough darkness. Camera is located at Levi, Köngäs area, north to the Elves village/Tonttula. The exact address is secret to protect the neighborhood from flood of tourists and movement. Same lights can be seen from any place where it's cloudless.

Other (darker/better) places to watch the aurora are at Levijärvi beach (180' view to north, free parking side of the road):

Here is also second beach next to previous one:

Tourist companies also take their customers to the south side of Sirkkajärvi-lake that is the closest spot when walking from Levi center:

Levi golf area:                                    

Levi camera is also streaming all year round.

Places to watch aurora at Saariselkä:

Top of the kaunispää/ski center. Big 360 open wide area. Always windy. Star Arctic hotel just next to the spot:

Many people go to Kakslauttanen resort for their holiday, and there are couple spots to watch the aurora. Usually the glass igloos are pointed that way the northern sky is visible from them. Remember to respect privacy of other people:

Places to watch aurora at Ylläs:

Beach next to Jounin Kauppa:

North slope (Y1):

Places to watch aurora at Rovaniemi:

Beach next to the Arktikum.
Aurora roof on top the Lapland hotels Rovaniemi.
Olkkajärvi spot:
Norvajärvi spot:

Places to watch aurora at Kilpisjärvi:

In Kilpisjärvi you can go almost anywhere to see the northern lights. There are only small trees in the area and the views are good in all directions. Kilpisjärvi aurora camera will be offline for the summer of 2024, and will return in the fall when the season start. 

Places to watch aurora at Pallastunturi:

There are not many trees in the area of ​​Pallas, so it is well suited for viewing the northern lights.

Beautiful sunsets in spring:

Aurora alert app:  (remember to turn on notifications for each spot) In aurora alert app there are Live aurora photo cameras for Luosto, Pyhä, Ranua, Rovaniemi (Arctic Circle and City.) Some of the cameras need a paid subscription there.

Few other aurora cameras in Finland:

Top of Levi cam with playback: Tuikku restaurant area has sometimes better view when it's foggy down at center of Levi (Sirkka).

Ylläs North Sky: (Choose the "Äkäslompolo Tunturimaisema" camera)

Rovaniemi Sky cam: and

Inari Live:

Utsjoki Live: and

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