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Recent events:


Reindeers destroyed router inside the main building by pulling the Internet cable trough the wall. Router was pinned against the inside wall. Luckily only equipment damage and no other damage to the house. At the camera site reindeer pulled the Internet cables aggressively out of the camera by messing the cable to it's legs and horns. Outside routers network cable got also ripped out of the equipment and destroyed. 

For the future prevention there is now a temporary fence installed until the snow covers the cables. Later this winter for anything that moves at the area there will be a fence and loud alarm system with SMS+4G alarm, backup power and backup connections. Now running a remporary router and slow Internet until next week.


The aurora borealis season has started with a wonderful multi-day show. New cameras are on the way to Levi and Sodankylä to cover the whole sky. Sodankylä location will be getting a more reliable Internet to cut down the connection problems.


Levi is flooding: https://yle.fi/a/74-20032607


Season 2022-2023 got an amazing highlight as seen below:


Samuli Korvanen





If possible, help by donating a small amount to build a wider coverage of Northern light cameras: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Starlapland

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